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Mindy Solkin began her coaching career in 1992 and since then has coached over 12,000 runners helping them to achieve their goals whether it is running their first mile or pursuing their personal best in the marathon. Mindy has a USA Track & Field, Level 3 running coach education and is an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer. Her innovative and personalized training programs for groups and private clients combine a keen understanding of both the sport of running and the principles of health and fitness.

In 1999 Mindy founded The Running Center from a home-based office and in 2006 she fulfilled her dream and opened New York City’s first and only training studio for runners. With her vast experience, she expanded her services and staff to include running clinics, Runditioning™ classes and Sports Lab Services such as Running Form Analysis and Maximum Heart Rate Testing. Other classes includes Fitness Walking for active adults and and Kids Running programs. In 2014, The Running Center expanded to the South Jersey shore area (Atlantic City and environs) and plans to enter the Philadelphia and South Jersey communities (Cherry Hill and surroundings) are slated for 2015. 

She is an original, as she has successfully combined her knowledge of both the running world and the fitness world to develop runners into all-around healthy individuals.

Once a frequent age-group award winner, she has devoted herself to her runners and the running community-at-large, becoming a knowledgeable resource to a generation of runners. 112.JPGAs one of the country’s leading running coaches, she has coached runners near and far to cross the finish lines of races and marathons in such cities as Anchorage, Berlin, Bermuda, Boston, Chicago, Dublin, London, Medoc, New York City, Paris, Prague, Vancouver and many more.

Known as "Coach Mindy" to her runners, she has transformed the sport with her hands-on approach to her world-class coaching system which guarantees that runners at every level will achieve their goals. Her programs have been imitated but never equaled.

Mindy's altruistic personality led to the creation of the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society's Team In Training marathon program (TNT) in New York City where she served as its first head coach and marathon consultant from 1994 to 2001. 114.JPGHer expertise in both coaching and sports marketing led to the mentoring of dozens of the Society’s staffers nationwide and the accomplishment of successfully coaching over 3,000 marathon runners who collectively raised over $8 million dollars for the Society. Much of what you see today at TNT and other charity marathon programs is a direct result of her efforts.

Serving the running community in many capacities has led to various appointments. From 1994 through 2000, Mindy served as a clinical advisory board member for the American Running Association, and in 2001 she received the American College of Sports Medicine’s Community Service Award for her service to runners and sports medicine professionals in New York City. She has left her coaching stamp on many health club facilities in New York City including Reebok Sports Club/NY, New York Sports Club and Crunch, and has been a PowerBar® Team Elite sponsored athlete since 1994.


As a former fashion designer and sports marketing executive, Mindy has worn many hats throughout her career. She created the Polar® Heart Bra, a bra that secures the heart rate monitor into place, and is a contributing writer and spokesperson on the sport of running, with many of her articles and quotes appearing in national publications such as Runner's World, Fitness Runner, New York Runner, Women's Running, Fitness, Self and Shape. See Media to read the articles and check out the first article, the Brooklyn Spectator July 1992. Additionally, Mindy has appeared on the television shows LXTV, Access Hollywood, CNN, Today In New York, 20/20, Good Day New York, Good Morning America and The CBS Morning Show.

Coach Mindy can also be seen adorning the label of Owater, an energy sports water.

Her passion for the sport of running and her compassion for her runners is what truly make her a special coach. But more importantly, she'll make YOU feel special.

Mindy in Pepsi Challenge Race 1983.jpg
One of my first races, the
Pepsi Challenge 10K in Phila 1983

Paint Leggs Mini Marathon May 1990.JPG 

Racing in the L'Eggs
Mini Marathon in NYC 1990

MIndy at NYC Marathon 1990.jpg 

The morning of my first marathon,
the NYC Marathon 1990

Mindy at Boston Marathon 1997.jpg

At the Start of the
Boston Marathon 1997