A NYC WBE Certified Company 

The Running Center is proud to be a certified WBE (Women-owned Business Enterprise) in New York City and New York State. Thanks to Local Law 129, which was signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2005, city agencies now aim to buy more goods and services from WBE companies. This includes having greater access to bids on contracts with government and private corporations, and to effectively contribute to the city's economy.

The WBE program is under the auspices of NYC’s Small Business Services department in the Division of Economic & Financial Opportunity. In order to be accepted into the WBE program and to earn the certification, a business must be an ongoing, independent business which is at least 51% female-owned.

After a lengthy process of completing and submitting forms, including three consecutive years of tax returns, financial statements, company profile, job experience, insurance forms and business certificates, the WBE certificate is awarded for five years. Thereafter, the renewal process allows for additional five-year increments.

If you are interested in finding out how your company can offer fitness and wellness programs for your employees, customers or clients, while benefiting by contracting with The Running Center, an WBE certified company, please contact Coach Mindy at with WBE in the subject line.

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