All training programs at The Running Center are goal-directed and are established at the beginning of the program. Baseline running times are recorded so that your improvement can be measured in order to see your progress. Becoming an informationally-based athlete will help you to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and how to achieve your goals.

Group Training includes programs for all levels. The comprehensive training offers a personalized experience within the larger group setting.

Private Training includes private running sessions, private Runditioning™ sessions and custom training schedules, enabling you to set your own time-frame.

Sports Lab offers running form analysis (because there is a technique to running) and maximum heart rate testing (because each person's body is unique).

Runditioning™ If you want to become a better runner, you need to learn “how” to run. Runditioning™ teaches the technique of running by incorporating running-specific tests, movements and exercises to improve running form and prevent injuries.


All of our running coaches are certified by USA Track & Field (USATF) or the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). You will receive personal attention from their knowledgeable and caring manner as they support and bring out the best in you.

3 c's of

We guarantee you will be successful if you follow the 3 C’s.
Commitment to the training program (we encourage you to be our "partner" in this)
Consistency in the training (the old saying does apply, "use it or lose it")
Confidence in yourself, in your coaches and in the TRC Training System

THE RUNNING CENTER...Home_Page_-_Group_Training_istock_4408701.jpg

 is passionate about running

 has compassion for the people who we coach

 builds a social network through fun, friendship & camaraderie

 provides you with a proven training system and personal attention

 motivates you to do your best

 helps you to achieve your goals through measurable results

 will be with you every footstep of the way, from start to finish line!