New Beginnings in Philadelphia

New Beginnings in Philadelphia

by Mindy Solkin
Founder of The Running Center


The BeginningAre beginnings always new? I pondered this question as I moved both my residence and my business from one city to another. I determined that with each change came the beginning of a new personal life, but not (necessarily) a new business life. After all, I have been in the fitness business since 1992 and have coached 12,000 runners, so I’m certainly not a newbie.

As a professional running coach, personal trainer, and fitness/wellness entrepreneur for the past 25 years, I have been honored to teach a plethora of people who are on various fitness levels and who have different goals. From beginners taking their first step out the door, to experienced marathoners looking to improve their performance, to active adults looking to stay fit and healthy, each person gave me the opportunity to hone my skills and make a positive impact in their lives.

In this niche business that I created many years ago, I became more passionate about running, fitness, and wellness, and more compassionate for the people who I coach and train. Analyzing running form, testing fitness levels, and leading workshops, has enabled me to write customized training schedules, so that each person is trained optimally. The knowledge I have gained is evidenced by the years of files that I own in paper, digital, and memory formats. I am never at a loss for content and much of it is evergreen. I believe it is incumbent upon me to share it with the world, and I’ll be doing this as I build The Running Center in Philadelphia. My new collaboration with Optimal Sport Health Clubs will offer a multitude of programs, classes, and services, bringing the niche that I had created in NYC, to Philly. Being new to my old city, I look forward to building relationships, both personally and professionally.

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