Pace Yourself to Go Faster


by Mindy Solkin
Founder of The Running Center

Less is more

The Business of Running…

When new runners get into the sport of running, they often search online for training plans. Many of these plans have been written by someone who has trained themselves and who knows what works for them. But these plans don’t usually work for everyone. On their way to increasing the distance of their races—from 5K to the half-marathon—the new runner is buoyed by the fact that they also need to increase their mileage in training to accommodate the longer distance.

Of course, this makes sense.

But sometimes, due to being overly ambitious, or because of a friend’s persuasion, they add too much mileage to their runs on a given day or week. This is actually unnecessary in order to achieve their new goal. Many training plans also call for speed workouts with names like tempo runs and fartlek* whereby the runner may be asked to run up to one to three minutes per mile faster, in order to attain a new level of fitness.

This is fine if you’re an experienced runner, but when a beginner adds more mileage AND faster speed, and does it all over a short period of time, whammo!, that’s when injuries occur.

Slow is smooth; smooth is fast...For the Running of Business

You may know the saying, “Haste makes waste”. That is especially true when business people try to do too much volume of work (same as running too many miles), and do the work too quickly (same as doing speed workouts). Mistakes are often made with typos on printed materials that are costly to fix. Due to haste, other errors in judgement are made, including everything from poor decisions on hiring to over-spending in purchasing.

My pet peeve has always been typos. I had a former boss who called me "eagle eye" because I could catch all the errors while proof-reading.

Snake oil salesmen are good at capturing weak moments for you to sign on the dotted line, only to realize after the contract is signed that you’ve rushed into a poor choice, and have created a “business injury”.

So… slow down and smell the roses... and stay away from the thorns!

*Fartlek is a Swedish word for "speed-play". It has always been a point of humor among runners in the American running scene.