The Art of Coaching.

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The Art of Coaching. The Science of Training. It's the dynamic duo and The Running Center has mastered both to bring you the highest quality of coaching and training.

We know that everyone is different. No one's genetic talent, goals, and fitness/health history are the same. That's why we create training programs that are developed specifically for you. There may be hundreds of running schedules floating around the internet, but none of them can compare with having a program created just for you by Coach Mindy. With her 25 years of coaching 12,000 runners, she will train you to reach your ultimate goals.

If you live in or near Philadelphia, we offer Private Running Coaching.

In addition to running coaching, you can also take advantage of our other services including Runditioning™, and Running Form Analysis.

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Every now and then, a person comes along in your life (in this case, in my professional life) who surpasses all aspirations as an athlete, a friend, a man. This person is Nick Morrow.

I started coaching Nick in 2007 as part of The Running Center's NYC Marathon team. Although he excelled at that distance, running 3:16:43, for a pace of 7:30 per mile, he quickly showed that running shorter distances was where he really shined.

Competing on both the roads and the indoor track, he became a US Masters National Class Runner in age group 55 to 59, commanding an All American status. His age group trophies for road races have become a frequent occurrence.

Thank you, Nick, for allowing me to have the privilege of coaching you for over 10 years!

Nick Morrow (cropped)

The Running Center Through The Years - 1992 to 2016