Private Running Coaching in philadelphia

→ Prefer running on your own?

→ Pressed for time but want accountability?

→ Desire a training schedule that is customized just for you?


You've got it!

  • Receive 4-weeks of coaching. Add-on as many 4-week sessions as you'd like. (Suggest 12-weeks for best results).
  • Schedule your 60-minute in-person coaching session to discuss running history and goals.
  • After you register, you'll receive a questionnaire about your running history and goals. Email it to with “Schedule Online Coaching Session” in subject line to schedule your first of two, 30-minute phone coaching sessions to discuss running history and goals. She will get back to you to schedule the phone call.
  • Receive your customized written 4-week training schedule with pace, distance, and workout, and cross-training via google docs.
  • Heart rate zones can be added if you know your base numbers or with Max Heart Rate Test.
  • Email Coach Mindy at to schedule your second 30-minute phone coaching session to discuss your customized, written 4-week training schedule.
  • 4-week session includes coach's comments via google docs and unlimited email support.
  • Add-on phone coaching for additional support! Choose from 30-minute sessions.
  • And off you go... to achieve your running goals!

Amazing Add-ons to get you Up and Running in No-time

Runner doing VO2Max Test 2

VO2 Max & Max Heart Rate Testing

Trainer showing Runditioning

Runditioning™ Session

Torso Twist & Shoulder Tilt

Running Form Analysis

Metabolic Rate testing

Metabolic Rate Testing & Nutrition Coaching