Join the program created and led by the running coach who started the Marathon Training Program Revolution in NYC, Coach Mindy, founder, owner and head coach of The Running Center.

Club_Team_race.JPGThree levels to choose from:
1) Beginners/1st Time Marathoners: Your goal is to finish the race
2) Intermediates/Have Run at Least One Marathon: Your goal is to run the entire race, and possibly better your previous time
3) Advanced/Have Run a Few Marathons: Your goal is to set a new P.R. or qualify for Boston

...You Will Run to Success!

Training for a marathon is a serious endeavor. With Coach Mindy's 22 years of experience training over 12,000 runners, we are serious about helping you to succeed from Start to Finish Line.

Your success is a direct correlation to your commitment to the program, and together with our staff of certified and caring coaches, we are here to help you every footstep of the way. This includes:
Following the TRC Training System.
Attending as many group runs as possible so that we can monitor your progress.
Keeping up with your training when you cannot make it to the group runs.
Communicating with Coach Mindy.

...Will Get You to the Finish!

The TRC TRAINING SYSTEM is a 12-point system that has been created by Coach Mindy to insure that you will become a successful runner. It includes:

  1. CrosstrainingMonica_at_Philly_Marathon_2012.jpg
  2. Gear
  3. Injury Prevention
  4. Mental Training
  5. The "No-No's"
  6. Nutrition
  7. Personal Support
  8. Race Prep
  9. Rest & Recovery
  10. Running
  11. Runditioning™
  12. Wellness & Health