It is well-documented why companies financially support and encourage their employees to participate in fitness programs.
Healthier employees have a positive impact on a company's success.
The result is a win-win situation for both your employee’s personal health and your company’s financial health.
Research demonstrates the positive return on investment (ROI) for a well-designed employee fitness program.

Researchers say for every $1.00 spent on Corporate Wellness, there is a cost savings of $2.30 to $10.10 with fewer sick days, reduced medical claims, lower health care costs and improved employee performance and productivity. Check out these stats...

  • Canada Life Insurance reported a return of $3.43 on their fitness program and showed a 32.4% lower turnover of staff, while simultaneously reducing medical claims, leading to an additional savings of $3.42 for every dollar invested.
  • DuPont’s Worksite Health Promotion pilot sites saved $2.05 for every dollar invested, by the end of the second year. (A savings of $11,726 in disability claims.)
  • Coors Brewing Co. reported that for each dollar spent on Corporate Wellness, they saw a $5.50 return, and the employees who participated reduced their absentee rate by 18%.
  • Johnson & Johnson reported savings increased over time, and by the fourth year saw an average savings of $244.66 per employee per year.
  • Pacific Bell reported overall decreased absenteeism after implementing Corporate Wellness programs.
  • Coca Cola's savings amounted to $500 every year per employee after implementing a fitness program.
  • Prudential Insurance Company reported that the benefits costs for employees participating in their program were $312, as opposed to $574 for non-participants.