Customized Written Training Schedules by Coach Mindy

There may be hundreds of training schedules floating around cyberspace, but none of them can compare with having a custom training schedule written just for you by Coach Mindy.

Custom Schedule Includes:

After you register...
• We'll send you a questionnaire with questions about your fitness, running, health and nutrition.

• Once you send it back to us, we'll schedule a
 phone consultation with Coach Mindy to review your questionnaire and to establish your short-term and long-term goals.

• Coach Mindy will then write your Custom Training Schedule and email it to you. The calendar-type schedule will include:
→ Type of run (Coach Mindy creates very unique workouts!)
→ Pace goals for each run
→ Heart rate intensity for each run (optional; must train with a heart rate monitor)
→ D
aily and weekly mileage
→ Suggestions for crosstraining activities
→ Reporting your results

• After receiving your Custom Training Schedule, you'll have another phone consultation with Coach Mindy to review the schedule.

And off you go... on your way to becoming a faster and stronger runner!

• Depending on your goals and length of program, we'll have phone and email check-ins along the way.

Note: Maximum length of schedule is three months. Any longer and burn-out or injury can occur. Longer schedules for marathon training will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.