Check out these film actors. Everyone can benefit from a Running Form Analysis.

Danielle Savre in the film, The Wrong Car

Arm angle is too tight.

Torso is twisted and shoulder is tilted.

Torso is twisted. Shoulder is tilted. Arm angle is too tight. Leg is crossed-over midline.

Morris Chestnut & Taye Diggs in the film, The Best Man Holiday

Morris Chestnut (L) and Taye Diggs (R) both swing arms across chest. This is incorrect.
Back arm swing on Morris shows elbow pointing outward. This is incorrect. Back swing on Taye shows elbow driving towards back. This is correct. The video shows that they both have too much bounce. Basically, Morris has better arm swing. Taye's arm swing is herky-jerky.

Sarah Lancaster & Natalia Cigliuti in the film, The Preacher's Mistress

Arm position and swing is incorrect.

Hand is limp.

Left hand is limp.

Gabrielle Union & Omar Epps in the film, Almost Christmas

Gabrielle Union & Omar Epps. Omar has a lot of upward shoulder movement called "vertical displacement". This is an energy waster. His forearm swings across his body. This is incorrect.

Gabrielle's head is held too high. Omar's head is held too low.