Young at Heart

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For vitality at any age!

Personal Training

Private Session Includes:

  • Consultation to discuss fitness/health history & goals
  • Posture & balance assessments & exercises
  • Stretching, strength, & cardio exercises
  • Unlimited text/email with Coach Mindy
  • Tips & conversation on wellness topics
Balance for Seniors 3 (cropped)

Wellness 4 Life Workshops

Our Wellness 4 Life Workshops Feature Assessments, Exercises, and Conversation on
Fitness, Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle.

  • Fitness session includes posture, balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Health session includes nutrition, weight control, and medical issues.
  • Wellness session includes the eight essential dimensions of wellness.
  • Lifestyle session includes fashion, career, and family.
Seniors in group balance class

Fit Walk Classes

When it's time to smell the roses...
It's time for Fit Walk!

Group Class Includes:

  • Outdoor group workout in/around Rittenhouse Square
  • About 2 to 3 miles of walking at your own pace
  • Stretching, strength, posture, & balance exercises
  • Tips & conversation on wellness topics
Five senior walkers

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